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Are you looking to turn your scrap metal into money in your pocket? Look no further than McSteel Salvage & Cleanup! We are your trusted source for scrap metal recycling. With our efficient metal salvaging services, you can get the most value out of your scrap metal hassle-free.
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Farm Equipment

Copper, Batteries & More

Your Metal Recycling Experts

With years of experience in the metal salvaging industry, McSteel Salvage & Cleanup has the expertise, personnel and equipment to handle all scopes of metal recycling projects. From oil tanks and construction equipment to household appliances and farm implements, we have the knowledge and resources to salvage your scrap metal efficiently.

Our various services are tailored to ensure your scrap metal is handled with integrity, transparency and respect. So, when you need a dependable and trustworthy scrap metal salvaging company, McSteel is here to help.

What We Accept

At McSteel, we accept all types of scrap metal. From vehicles and stainless steel to farm equipment and copper, we take it all! Our on-site scale accurately determines the weight of your items, ensuring you receive fair compensation based on current market prices. Some examples of the metal items we accept include:

  • Batteries
  • Electric Motors
  • Railway Tracks
  • Copper Pipes
  • Cast Iron Pots and Pans
  • Aluminum Bicycles
  • Old Tools
  • Door Handles and Hinges
  • Pump Jacks
  • Grain Bins

And More!

How to Sell Your Scrap Metal

Selling your scrap metal to McSteel is an easy and convenient process; simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit Our Scrap Yards: Bring your scrap metal to our Wainwright or High Prairie locations during operating hours (Mon-Fri 8 am-4 pm); no appointment is necessary.
  2. Weigh-In: When you come into our yard, our team will weigh your truck/trailer of scrap metal using our on-site, routinely calibrated scale.
  3. Drop Off: Once weighed and in our yard, our team will show you where to drop off your metal and help you unload.
  4. Weigh Out: On your way out, we’ll weigh your truck/trailer once more to determine the total weight of your scrap metal.
  5. Get Your Payout: Our team will assess your metal and offer you a competitive price based on the weight of your metal and current market rates. From there, you’ll receive a cheque and a receipt with your transaction details for your records.
  6. Repeat: Whenever you have more scrap metal to sell, simply come on back and repeat the process! 

Alternatively, if you have enough scrap metal to fill one of our 53-foot trailers, McSteel will come to you and handle the pickup/removal process! If you have any questions about our scrap metal pickup or salvaging services, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We’re here to answer any of your questions regarding the selling process!

About Our On-Site Scale & Pricing

Our on-site scale is routinely calibrated and maintained to ensure accurate weighing, providing our customers with peace of mind regarding the value of their metal. Our scrap metal prices are also based on current market rates, with monthly adjustments for regular metals like stainless steel and weekly changes for special metals such as aluminum or copper. We understand that there’s no compromising when it comes to fair pricing. That’s why McSteel offers competitive and transparent pricing and service rates. 

Please note: we do not offer cash payments.

Our Commitment to Safety & Compliance

At McSteel Salvage & Cleanup, safety is our highest priority. We are committed to providing a safe, efficient and responsible work environment for our team and customers. Our employees are trained in essential safety measures, including First Aid, H2S, and Radiation. We also are part of Comply Works and are AARDA members, so we comply with stringent safety protocols, including COR and CAREC certification. As Western Canada’s dependable metal salvagers, you can trust McSteel to handle all of your metal recycling needs safely. 

Pricing and payment options

Our pricing for bin services is determined based on the types of metals that are deposited in the bin, which are weighed on our scale. We adjust our pricing weekly and monthly according to current market rates to ensure fair compensation. However, we deduct the weight of any non-metallic materials such as cement, wood or garbage that are found in the bin. Payments are issued via cheque and mailed to the provided address after each bin service, unless otherwise specified. Alternatively, we can maintain an account for you, and pay out all scale tickets at once. If you would like us to include GST on the cheque, kindly provide us with your GST number.

Ready to Salvage Your Metal?

If you’re ready to turn your scrap metal into money in your pocket, contact McSteel Salvage & Cleanup today! Our friendly team is here to help with all your metal salvaging needs, providing top-notch service and competitive rates.

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McSteel Salvage & Cleanup Ltd. is a family run business of scrap metal recycling committed to customer satisfaction. We are located near Wainwright, Alberta, Canada. We are proud that we make the Wainwright area a cleaner place to live.

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