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Numerous First Nations businesses, reservations, and communities trust McSteel Salvage & Cleanup for all their metal recycling needs. Let us explain how we can support your community. 



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Why Your Community Should Work with McSteel

For over 15 years, McSteel Salvage & Cleanup has served Aboriginal communities across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and the Northwest Territories respectfully and honestly. As a trusted metal salvage company, McSteel has worked hard to help these communities remove scrap metal, old buildings, bridges and cars from their land, ensuring the area is safe and meets stringent federal environmental mandates. With our highly trained and diverse team, there's no scrap metal recycling or demolition job we can't handle. Ultimately, McSteel Salvage & Cleanup aims to support our Indigenous neighbours by providing their communities with fair, efficient, and transparent metal recycling services.

How Our Government-Level Cleanup Services Work

When McSteel Salvage & Cleanup begins working with your Aboriginal Settlement or Band, we approach the process with respect, cultural sensitivity, and a deep understanding of the unique needs of these communities. Here's how this process works:

  1. Initial Consultation: Our team will begin by openly discussing your Aboriginal Settlement/Band's specific needs, priorities, and cultural considerations.
  2. Cultural Awareness Training: McSteel's team will undergo cultural awareness training to ensure respectful engagement with your First Nations community.
  3. Needs Assessment: We will work with your community to conduct a thorough needs assessment, considering environmental, social and economic factors that may impact Settlement/Band's needs.
  4. Proposal Development: Based on the needs assessment results, McSteel will create a personalized proposal that outlines how our team can positively contribute to your community's priorities and goals.
  5. Community Engagement: Then, we will host a community engagement session(s) to present the proposals, obtain feedback, and address community members' concerns and questions.
  6. Negotiation and Agreement: Next, McSteel will work with your Aboriginal Settlement/Band representatives to negotiate terms such as the scope of work, cultural considerations, timelines, and revenue-sharing agreements.
  7. Legal and Regulatory Compliance: We will ensure that all parts of our collaboration with your community comply with relevant laws, regulations, and agreements, considering the unique legal status of Indigenous Settlements.
  8. Capacity Building: Next, we will explore opportunities for greater community involvement in the project, such as training programs and employment opportunities related to our salvage and cleanup services.
  9. Environmental Impact Assessment: McSteel will then conduct a comprehensive environmental impact assessment involving the Indigenous Settlement or Band to minimize our environmental impact and ensure sustainable practices.
  10. Site Visit and Cultural Orientation: Then, we will schedule a site visit to familiarize our team with the local area and provide cultural orientation.
  11. Implementation and Monitoring: Finally, McSteel will begin the agreed-upon salvage and cleanup services, implementing cultural and environmental considerations and safeguards. We will monitor the project's progress and continuously communicate with the community.
  12. Community Benefits Reporting: Once the project is complete, we will provide transparent reporting on how it has benefited the Aboriginal Settlement/Band, covering economic, social and environmental impacts.
  13. Continuous Improvement: During the final phase, McSteel will seek feedback from the community to identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments to better our partnership over time.
  14. Relationship Building: McSteel will work hard to cultivate a long-term, mutually respectful relationship with your Aboriginal Settlement or Band, fostering deeper trust and understanding.

At McSteel Salvage & Cleanup, we work hard to earn the trust and respect of our Indigenous neighbours. If you have any questions regarding our work with Aboriginal communities and small municipalities, don't hesitate to speak with our team.

Safety is Our Priority

At McSteel Salvage & Cleanup, we never compromise on safety. Whether working with individuals or entire communities, we ensure we provide a safe, responsible and respectful working environment for our customers and team. Our crew is First Aid, H2S, and Radition certified, and we are members of Comply Works and AARDA, so you can rest assured that McSteel complies with all provincial and federal safety regulations and protocols. As Western Canada's trusted metal recycling company, McSteel Salvage & Cleanup is committed to providing safe and efficient metal salvaging services.

Pricing and payment options

Our pricing for bin services is determined based on the types of metals that are deposited in the bin, which are weighed on our scale. We adjust our pricing weekly and monthly according to current market rates to ensure fair compensation. However, we deduct the weight of any non-metallic materials such as cement, wood or garbage that are found in the bin. Payments are issued via cheque and mailed to the provided address after each bin service, unless otherwise specified. Alternatively, we can maintain an account for you, and pay out all scale tickets at once. If you would like us to include GST on the cheque, kindly provide us with your GST number.

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If your Indigenous Settlement or Band has become overrun with scrap metal, McSteel Salvage & Cleanup is here to help!

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