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Whether you’re a farmer in Alberta, Saskatchewan, or the Northwest Territories looking to tidy up your property or an oilfield project manager needing regular metal recycling services, McSteel Salvage & Cleanup’s bin services have you covered! 

16ft, 20ft, 30ft and 40ft Bins

53ft Trailer

Super B's

Materials Accepted

We accept all types of recyclable metal in our bins, from household items and appliances to scrap auto parts and industrial metals. Also, we ask that you avoid putting garbage in our scrap metal bins. We can direct you to an affiliate business partner if you require a garbage bin for your site.

Please note that while McSteel will accept fencing wire in our bins, we cannot pay you for it as it cannot be recycled.

Various Bin Sizes Available

At McSteel, we offer a range of bin sizes, including the following:

  • 16ft, 20ft, 30ft and 40ft
  • 53ft Trailers
  • Super B’s

Our 16ft bins, which have a weight limit, are a great option for hobby mechanics, welders, small businesses, and anyone with many small, lightweight metals or heavy metals. In comparison, our 20ft, 30ft and 40ft scrap metal bins are perfect for large sites, oilfields, boneyards and more.

Our bins won’t cost you a thing, as we weigh the bin before and after unloading it at our Wainwright or High Prairie locations and then buy the materials inside. So, if you are tidying up a family property, oilfield, or abandoned work site and want to work at your own pace, McSteel’s bin services are a great option.

Bin Placement Options

Our bins can be placed nearly anywhere you need them, and you can hold on to them for as long as you require, for up to a year! McSteel’s team will deliver your bin to your site as long as it is road accessible and doesn’t infringe on your neighbour’s privacy or property. From in- and out-of-town businesses to farm yards, boneyards, and municipalities, McSteel’s bin services make salvaging your scrap metal easy. Feel free to reach out to our team if you have any questions regarding your bin placement!

Bin Pick Up and Servicing

McSteel Salvage & Cleanup’s scrap metal bins are picked up and serviced on an as-needed basis. We understand that you have your own schedule and needs when it comes to recycling your scrap metal; with our bins, you can work at your own pace. Our team will only come pick up your bin after you give us a call, notifying us to do so. Our bin trucks run weekly, so McSteel’s team can provide you with the best possible service.

Example of our 20ft Bins

Understanding Pricing and Payment

Your payout for the metal in your bin is determined by the type of metals deposited and their weight. McSteel’s pricing is adjusted weekly and monthly according to the current market rate to ensure our customers receive fair compensation. However, we will deduct the weight of non-metallic materials (cement, wood, garbage, etc) found in the bins.

We issue payments via cheque in the mail unless otherwise specified. Alternatively, if you are working on a temporary project, we can set up an account for you and pay out all your bin scale tickets simultaneously. If you want McSteel to include GST on your cheque, please provide us with your GST number and mailing address when setting up your account.

A Note on Safety

For safety reasons, we kindly request that you keep the weight of heavier metals in mind when filling the bin. If you have lighter metals, please place them under heavier metals or position them high enough in the bin to prevent fly off. Also, ensure that all metal pieces fit inside the bin and avoid overhang. Our drivers' safety is paramount, and we strive to provide them with safe loads for transport. Therefore, we reserve the right to refuse bins with unsafe loads, and any associated travel costs will be borne by the customer.

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If you’re looking to clean up scrap metal at your own pace or require regular metal salvage services, McSteel Salvage & Cleanup’s bin services have your back.

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