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Why Albertans Choose McSteel Salvage & Cleanup

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Throughout Alberta, there are numerous metal salvaging companies vying for your time and business. Unfortunately, the industry faces problems as many bad actors swindle honest folks from the hard-earned money their scrap metal is worth.

At McSteel Salvage & Cleanup, we’ve seen far too often these bad actors taint the industry. We work hard to earn your trust through our honest and transparent metal recycling services. Keep reading to learn why so many Albertans trust McSteel for all their metal salvaging needs.

McSteel’s Expertise in Metal Salvaging

For 15 years, McSteel Salvage & Cleanup has served our fellow Albertans with integrity, honesty, and transparency. These values aren’t just buzzwords; they are foundational pillars of our company. From humble beginnings until now, McSteel has strived to make our customers feel understood and respected. Whether you have a large oilfield site with mountains of scrap metal or simply have a few household items you’re helping divert from the landfill, at McSteel Salvage & Cleanup, you’ll be treated with the utmost respect.

With our decades of combined experience, McSteel has the knowledge, personnel, and equipment to take on any demolition project, scrap metal pickup, or metal recycling job. Each of our services is flexible to accommodate your needs and ensure that your scrap metal is handled with honesty and transparency. So, if you need a trusted metal recycling company in Alberta, choose McSteel Salvage & Cleanup.

The Metal Recycling Services You Need

As an Alberta-based metal salvaging company, McSteel services customers of all sizes across Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories. We aim to provide our customers with professional and personalized metal recycling services, so not only are they making a little extra money on the side but also contributing to a greener future.

Our metal recycling services include:

When you visit our Wainwright or High Prairie locations, you can expect to see professional drivers, well-maintained trucks, and a team happy to help. No matter the type of metal or the size of the project, our team is here to turn your scrap into money in your pocket. With our regularly calibrated on-site scale, we can ensure you get a fair price for your scrap metal. But if you have any questions regarding our metal recycling services or the payout process, don’t hesitate to reach out to McSteel!

Our Commitment to Safety

Aside from our dedication to our customers and top-notch metal recycling services, many Albertans choose McSteel Salvage & Cleanup because of our commitment to safety.

Whether at one of our two locations or working on your property or oilfield site, we ensure that our customers and staff have a safe, efficient and responsible work environment. Our team is trained in essential safety procedures, including H2S, Radiation, and First Aid. We proudly comply with many stringent salvaging practices established by the provincial government and other regulatory bodies. That way, we can ensure the safety of our crews and our customers.

Ready to Get Recycling?

Whether you’re a farmer outside of Wainwright looking to salvage some old farm equipment or an oilfield site manager near High Prairie needing scrap metal bins, McSteel Salvage & Cleanup has you covered!

Contact McSteel Salvage & Cleanup today and see for yourself why so many Albertans choose us as their preferred metal recycling company!