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Reclaim Your Boneyard with the Help of McSteel Salvage & Cleanup

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In recent years, there has been a noticeable shift towards recycling and repurposing numerous types of materials to improve sustainability and reduce our carbon footprints. Scrap metal is just one of these materials that have seen an increase in recycling. At McSteel Salvage & Cleanup, we understand firsthand the importance of responsible scrap metal management, especially in oilfield boneyards and laydown yards across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and the Northwest Territories.

Below, we will explain why you should partner with McSteel for all your boneyard clean-up needs. Keep reading to find out more.

Expert Crew and Top-Notch Service

At McSteel Salvage & Cleanup, our well-rounded crew comprises highly experienced trades professionals, including welders, mechanics, truck drivers, equipment operators and torch labourers. We take pride in delivering five-star service to our customers, ensuring we treat them fairly through trust and respect. Unlike other metal recycling companies, McSteel is here to ensure you receive top-notch service, no matter how much or how little scrap metal you have.

Our Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

As scrap metal salvagers and boneyard remediation experts, McSteel prioritizes leaving your property or land better than we found it. Our “leave no trace” motto guides our every boneyard cleanup project, ensuring that we uphold the classic cowboy values of honour, integrity and respect for the environment and our customers. From copper wire to broken-down oilfield equipment, we accept all clean, dirty, rusted, or mixed metals. As environmentally responsible scrap metal recyclers, we are here to help you do your part to keep our provinces clean.

The Bone Yard Clean-Up Process

When you choose McSteel Salvage & Cleanup for your boneyard clean-up needs, you can expect a thorough and efficient process. We start by assessing the area and then bring in the necessary equipment to dismantle larger towers, bins, and other structures. Our crew will then meticulously sort through the debris, ensuring that every valuable piece of scrap metal is salvaged. Throughout this process, we ensure we keep the ground as clean as possible. From the use of spill kits and tarps to radiation checks and beyond, McSteel follows all provincial and federal environmental protocols as closely as possible.

However, if you’d prefer to tidy your boneyard or worksite at your own pace, we also offer scrap metal bin services. That way, you don’t have to work on a set schedule. Instead, when your bin is full, all you have to do is give McSteel a call and one of our crewmates will come and exchange your bin. Whether you need our crew to manage your boneyard cleanup or you’d prefer to manage the project internally, McSteel is here to help.

Turn Your Bone Yard or Laydown Yard into Cash!

A messy, cluttered oilfield boneyard not only poses numerous safety hazards but also represents opportunities for additional revenue. McSteel’s efficient and responsible boneyard cleanup solutions can transform your laydown yard into a clean and profitable asset. So, enlist McSteel Salvage & Cleanup’s salvaging services instead of letting your boneyard sit and degrade!

At McSteel, we offer fair market prices for scrap metal and weigh the metal on-site to ensure transparency and fairness. We aim to make scrap metal recycling as convenient and accessible as possible for all. So whether you’re an oilfield site manager looking to remediate your boneyard or a homeowner looking to clean up your yard, McSteel is your trusted source for scrap metal recycling across Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories.

Ready to Get Started?

Are you ready to reclaim your boneyard and turn your scrap metal into money in your pocket? Contact McSteel Salvage & Cleanup today to learn more about our laydown and boneyard cleanup services! Let our team help you remediate your oilfield site and make the future a bit more sustainable.