McSteel Salvage was approached by a client to undertake a scrap metal cleanup project at their site. The initial scope of the project was to clean up the pump jacks, but upon further discussion with the client, we were tasked with cleaning up all the scrap metal on site. The project involved the removal of scrap metal from various locations on the client’s premises. Our team began by assessing the site and identifying the areas where the scrap metal was located. We then developed a plan for the safe and efficient removal of the scrap metal.

Our team utilized specialized equipment and tools to extract the scrap metal from the site, including loaders, shears and torches. The scrap metal was sorted and segregated based on type and condition before being loaded onto trucks for transport to our recycling facility.

The project was executed with the utmost care for safety and environmental responsibility. Our team ensured that all hazardous materials and waste were properly disposed of in accordance with industry regulations.

Upon completion of the project, the site was left clean and free of all scrap metal, leaving the client with a safe and efficient workspace. Our team takes pride in completing this project on time and on budget, providing a valuable service to our client and the community at large.